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Upgrade Planning

upgrade plan

When it's time for an enterprise wide technology upgrade, you need a well thought through plan to gain management approval and ensure a high probability of success.

Our team at Versatile Mobile Systems will meet with you to discuss your needs, make expert recommendations, and write a comprehensive plan that includes everything you need to make your case. We'll even help you present the plan.

Use the chart at the bottom of this page to get an idea of which upgrade device might be right for you. Just find your current device in the column on the left to see the recommended device in the column on the right.

We want you to act right now, so, when you set an initial consultation with us, we will guarantee a minimum trade-in allowance of at least $50 per legacy device. Depending upon your device model, the trade-in could be much more than $50. The first step is to set an appointment with one of our upgrade specialists. Just click the get started button on the right.

Upgrade Plans

  • Upgrade Recommendations
  • Device pricing
  • Trade-in allowances
  • Software migration details
  • Training schedule
  • Rollout schedule
  • Maintenance plan options
  • TCO and ROI calculations
  • Funding options

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