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Mobiquity is Mobility

Your Field Workforce Needs Instant Data Access

You've got great people, but without on-the-spot access to the latest data stored in your ERP systems, they don't have all the information they need to make the best decsions in the field. 

With Mobiquity® Mobile Sales Solutions from Versatile, your people receive that mission-critical data, collect additional onsite data, use both to create pre-validated transactions, and then send the results back to your office in real time.

You Need Today's Results Today, Not Tomorrow

How long will you wait to receive the results your people generated today? Whether you're waiting to hear how many new orders were written, deliveries made or customers visited, you need that information now, not tomorrow or the next day.

With Mobiquity® Mobile Sales Solutions you receive complete transaction data after each customer visit, and because every transaction is pre-validated according to your business rules, you can eliminate costly valdiation proceedures at your home office. Every sales order comes in ready to pick. Every delivery record is ready to bill.

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