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Field Sales and Merchandising

Sales Supervisor Software

Whether you have fifty or five hundred mobile workers in the field, Sales Supervisor from Versatile Systems is the easy way to manage your team and increase productivity, sales and accuracy.

Mobiquity Sales Supervisor is the proven field sales and merchandising solution designed to manage and automate mobile your workforce processes. When your objective is to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve productivity and business responsiveness
  • Improve Information quality and availability
  • Standardize business processes

Mobiquity Sales Supervisor is the right choice. Click the button below to request a demo.


Roles based functionality
Mobiquity Sales Supervisor offers a wide range of functionality that can be tailored to fit a variety of different roles within your company. Each user sees only the functionality that applies to their work requirements. 

Flexible ERP Integration — Including our new MAS 500 Adapter
Integrating any new solution into your existing ERP system can be a daunting challenge for your developers, and a budget buster if mishandled. Our analysts and developers have extensive experience integrating with a wide range of ERP platforms. We will help you devise an integration plan that best fits your requirements and your budget. Whether we guide your developers through a custom integration, build the interface for you or reuse data adapters we've built for previous ERP engagements is up to you. We'll be there to ensure a successful integration.

Tablet PC at it's best.
Built for ruggedized Tablet PC's, Mobiquity Sales Supervisor takes advantage of the larger screens, and faster processors available on these platforms. Merchandising has never been easier. Large, detailed planograms show your workers exactly how your shelf space is to be used. Full multi-media capabilities allow your users to include video as part of their sales tools, or use video to illuminate setup instructions for complicated display plans.