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Mobiquity Route Field Sales Solution

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Any automated order system will accurately record an order and transmit it back to the home office. So what makes Mobiquity Sell™ different? Intelligent Orders,™ our proprietary system of notifications and warnings that help your sales force make better informed decisions, and create more, well, intelligent orders.

By offering timely promotional and new product notifications, by performing real time order validations, and by offering detailed history data, Mobiquity Sell™ actually helps your sales force eliminate six common causes of out-of-stock products:

  • Orders for unavailable product.
  • Orders for discontinued product
  • Insufficient orders for seasonal demand
  • Orders for unapproved product
  • Inability to order newly approved product
  • Insufficient orders for in-store promotions

If your current system merely records the details of the transaction, you are missing out on the real benefits of automation. True automation gives your people the right data at the right time, in the right place. They make better decisions because they have better data. True automation pre-validates your transactions based upon your business rules.

With Mobiquity Sell, your sales reps work more effectively, see more customers and create more intelligent orders. Why not see it for your self. Click the button below to request a demo.


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